All Property Tax Legislative Analyses 2017-2018 Session

Bill analyses are prepared on legislation that would impact tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization.

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ADM = Administration
PT = Property Tax Bills

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Bill Number Title Author Analyses New?
Assembly Bill 111ADM: Employment Criminal History ChecksCommittee on BudgetChapter 19
Amended 06/08/17
Assembly Bill 115PT: SR 710: Affordable Sales ProgramCommittee on BudgetChapter 20
Assembly Bill 465PT: Urban Agricultural Incentive ZoneTingChapter 313
Amended 09/01/17
Amended 04/06/17
Assembly Bill 652PT: New Construction: Construction in ProgressFloraChapter 80
Amended 04/03/17
Assembly Bill 653PT: Exemption: Tribal LandRidley-ThomasAmended 05/30/17
Amended 03/21/17
Amended 03/21/17
Assembly Bill 1100PT: Homeowners ExemptionChen & HarperAmended 05/18/17
Introduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1157PT: Schools ExemptionMullinChapter 717
Amended 06/29/17
Amended 05/02/17
Assembly Bill 1165PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Disabled ChildGloriaAmended 05/16/17
Amended 03/20/17
Assembly Bill 1193PT: Low Income Housing: Over-Income TenantsGloriaChapter 756
Amended 09/01/17
Amended 07/19/17
Amended 06/28/17
Amended 05/16/17
Introduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1210ADM: BOE Ex Parte Communications etc.Ridley-ThomasAmended 05/26/17
Assembly Bill 1249PT: Veterans' ExemptionGrayEnrolled Vetoed
Introduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1322PT: Base Year Value: Transfers: IntercountyBocanegraIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1596Property Taxation: Base Year value TransfersGloriaSupport Letter
Amended 04/18/18
Introduced 01/03/18
Assembly Bill 1718PT: Mining PropertiesAR&TChapter 592
Introduced 03/16/17
Assembly Bill 1739Revocable Transfer on Death DeedChauAmended 03/06/18
Assembly Bill 1748Base Year Value TransferSteinorthAmended 04/24/18
Introduced 01/03/18
Assembly Bill 1922California Competitiveness and Innovation ActFongIntroduced 01/24/18
Assembly Bill 2254Disabled Veterans' ExemptionLackeyIntroduced 02/13/18
Assembly Bill 2425Assessor Access to Business RecordsBermanEnrolled
Amended 08/20/18
Amended 05/02/18
Amended 03/19/18
Assembly Bill 2663Change in Ownership Exclusion for Local Registered Domestic PartnersFriedmanEnrolled
Amended 08/17/18
Amended 04/10/18
Introduced 02/15/18
Assembly Bill 2890Accessory Dwelling Unit AssessmentTingAmended 05/01/18
Amended 04/12/18
Assembly Bill 3122Disaster Relief DeferralGallagherChapter 149
Amended 04/16/18
Assembly Bill 3152Welfare ExemptionChiuAmended 04/16/18
Amended 04/03/18
Assembly Bill 3197Space Flight Property ExemptionBurkeAmended 03/22/18
Assembly Bill 3209Disabled Veterans' ExemptionFrazierAmended 04/30/18
Introduced 02/16/18
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Disabled ChildGloriaIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 7PT: Base Year Value Transfers: IntercountyBocanegraIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 12PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Disabled ChildGloriaSupport Letter
Amended 04/18/18
Amended 01/03/18
Amended 06/29/17
Amended 04/04/17
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 20Base Year Value TransferSteinorthIntroduced 01/03/18
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 24Base Year Value Transfer, Disaster ReliefWaldronIntroduced 02/14/18
Senate Bill 246PT: Base Year Value Transfers: Prior Disability BenefitBatesEnrolled Vetoed
Introduced 02/06/17
Senate Bill 275PT: SR 710 Affordable Sales ProgramPortantinoIntroduced 02/07/17
Senate Bill 404PT: Disabled Veterans & Senior VeteransStoneAmended 04/18/17
Amended 04/18/17
Senate Bill 447PT: Multi County Boards of AppealsNielsenChapter 132
Amended 06/29/17
Amended 04/18/17
Introduced 02/15/17
Senate Bill 558PT: New Construction Exclusion: Rain Water Capture SystemsGlazerChapter 1
Amended 04/26/17
Introduced 02/16/17
Senate Bill 639PT: Assessment Jurisdiction: Nonconventional Electric Generation FacilitiesHertzbergChapter 220
Introduced 03/23/17
Senate Bill 668BOE: Reports: Extension to FileMcGuireAmended 05/02/17
Amended 04/20/17
Senate Bill 1056Welfare Exemption, Community Land TrustBeallAmended 08/07/18
Amended 05/09/18
Amended 04/25/18
Senate Bill 1091Disaster Base Year TransferStoneIntroduced 02/12/18
Senate Bill 1115Welfare ExemptionHillEnrolled
Amended 08/20/18
Amended 07/03/18
Introduced 02/13/18
Senate Bill 1172Access to Assessors' RecordsBeallEnrolled
Amended 08/23/18
Amended 08/06/18
Amended 06/18/18
Senate Bill 1237Change in Ownership, Legal EntitiesBatesIntroduced 02/15/18
Senate Bill 1307Access to Assessors' RecordsGalgianiAmended 03/22/18
Senate Bill 1469Accessory Dwelling UnitSkinnerAmended 04/16/18
Senate Bill 1498County Assessor Audit RequirementsCommittee on Governance and FinanceEnrolled
Amended 08/06/18
Amended 06/19/18
Amended 04/18/18
Senate Constitutional Amendment 9PT: New Construction Exclusion: Rain Water Capture SystemsGlazerResolution Chapter 1
Amended 04/26/17
Introduced 02/16/17
Senate Constitutional Amendment 19Base Year Value Transfer, VeteransGainesAmended 05/10/18
Introduced 03/07/18
Senate Constitutional Amendment 24Base Year Value TrasferGalgianiIntroduced 08/29/18