All Property Tax Legislative Analyses 2011-2012 Session

Bill analyses are prepared on legislation that would impact tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization.

To view bill text, from within the analysis, click the bill number, which links to the full bill text at

ADM = Administration
PT = Property Tax Bills

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Bill Number Title Author Analyses New?
Assembly Bill 75PT: Deceptive Business SolicitationsHillEnrolled 
Assembly Bill 77Consolidation: Government ReorganizationGorellIntroduced 01/03/11 
Assembly Bill 188PT: Disabled Veterans' ExemptionBlock & ButlerEnrolled
Amended 06/29/11
Introduced 01/25/11
Assembly Bill 448PT: Change in OwnershipAmmianoAmended 01/04/12 
Assembly Bill 563PT: Assessor Records: CitiesFurutaniEnrolled
Amended 08/29/11
Amended 08/22/11
Amended 05/11/11
Introduced 02/16/11
Assembly Bill 585PT: Manufactured homes: HCD DataFongAmended 06/21/11
Amended 04/25/11
Assembly Bill 654PT: Mills Act Property InspectionsHuesoEnrolled 
Assembly Bill 703PT: Welfare Exemption: Natural LandsGordonEnrolled
Amended 05/24/11
Introduced 02/17/11
Assembly Bill 711PT: Rebuttable Presumption: Vacation HomesLaraEnrolled
Introduced 02/17/11
Assembly Bill 832PT: Computer Programs: Property Tax Rule 152AmmianoAmended 05/26/11
Amended 03/31/11
Assembly Bill 865PT: Solar Energy New Construction Exclusion: 2032-2033NestandeIntroduced 02/17/11 
Assembly Bill 946PT: Disabled Veterans' Exemption: AdministrationButlerIntroduced 02/18/11 
Assembly Bill 1143ADM: BOE Headquarters Building: Authorization for DGSDickinsonAmended 06/21/11
Introduced 02/18/11
Assembly Bill 1422PT: California Assessors' Association Omnibus BillCommittee on Revenue & TaxationAmended 06/28/11
Introduced 03/22/11
Assembly Bill 1589PT: CA State ParksHuffmanEnrolled
Assembly Bill 1700PT: Cotenancy: Change in Ownership ExclusionsButlerEnrolled
Amended 04/17/12
Introduced 02/15/12
Assembly Bill 1788PT: Facilities in the Course of ConstructionMorrellAmended 05/22/12
Introduced 02/21/12
Assembly Bill 1941Heavy Equipment TaxMaAmended 03/29/12 
Assembly Bill 2014PT: Legal Entity Task ForceAmmianoAmended 04/30/12 
Assembly Bill 2046PT: Floating Home MarinasAllen & HuffmanEnrolled
Amended 05/21/12
Introduced 02/23/12
Assembly Bill 2207PT: Welfare Exemption: Natural LandsGordonEnrolled
Amended 07/05/12
Amended 05/07/12
Assembly Bill 2323BOE Decisions: Publication on WebsitePereaEnrolled
Amended 05/25/12
Amended 05/12/12
Amended 03/29/12
Assembly Bill 2638Tax Expenditure InformationEngEnrolled
Amended 07/05/12
Amended 06/11/12
Amended 04/17/12
Amended 03/28/12
Assembly Bill x1 15PT: Exclusion from Constructed: Solar EnergyHillEnrolled 
Senate Bill 35ADM: Voter Registration AgenciesPadillaEnrolled
Amended 08/20/12
Amended 08/06/12
Senate Bill 314PT: Possessory Interest: Military HousingVargasAmended 02/09/12
Amended 05/17/11
Amended 03/24/11
Senate Bill 342PT: Contingency Fee Ban: Tax ConsultantsWolkAmended 05/04/11 
Senate Bill 464PT: New Construction Exclusion: Fire SafetyAndersonIntroduced 02/16/11 
Senate Bill 507PT: Change in Ownership ReportingDeSaulnierEnrolled
Amended 07/01/11
Amended 05/11/11
Amended 03/29/11
Senate Bill 617ADM: Regulatory ReviewCalderon & PavleyEnrolled
Amended 09/02/11
Senate Bill 618PT: Solar-use Easement: Enforceable RestrictionWolkEnrolled 
Senate Bill 947PT: BOE-Sponsored Property Tax ChangesCommittee on Governance & FinanceEnrolled
Amended 06/29/11
Introduced 04/01/11
Senate Bill 948PT: Assessor Records: Tax CollectorCommittee on Governance & FinanceEnrolled 
Senate Bill 1099ADM: Regulations: Effective DatesWrightEnrolled
Amended 05/17/12
Senate Bill 1130Commercial Building Energy RetrofitDe LeonAmended 08/07/12
Amended 06/27/12
Amended 06/07/12
Senate Bill 1185ADM: Centralized Intelligence Partnership ActPriceAmended 05/29/12
Amended 04/09/12
Introduced 02/22/12
Senate Bill 1326ADM: Unified Tax Web PortalHarmanAmended 04/17/11
Introduced 02/23/12
Senate Bill 1554ADM: Tax Agency ConsolidationCorrea & StricklandAmended 04/18/12
Introduced 02/24/12