All Property Tax Legislative Analyses 2007-2008 Session

Bill analyses are prepared on legislation that would impact tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization.

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ADM = Administration
PT = Property Tax Bills

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Bill Number Title Author Analyses New?
Assembly Bill 62PT: Homeowners' Exemption: 2006 WildfiresNavaEnrolled
Amended 08/27/07
Amended 06/12/07
Amended 05/15/07
Amended 02/22/07
Assembly Bill 83PT: PARE ProgramLieberAmended 08/27/07
Amended 07/12/07
Amended 03/22/07
Assembly Bill 293PT: Homepwners' Exemption: Increase from $7,000Strickland & BenoitIntroduced 02/09/07
Assembly Bill 297PT: January 2007 Freeze: four-Year Exemption for Newly Planted Nut TreesMazeEnrolled
Introduced 01/29/07
Assembly Bill 351PT: Homeowners' Exemption: Qualified Renters Income Tax Credit: Senior CitizensSmythIntroduced 02/14/07
Assembly Bill 388PT: Homeowners' Exemption: Qualified Renters Income Tax CreditGainesIntroduced 02/15/07
Assembly Bill 402PT: Change in OwnershipMaEnrolled
Amended 08/20/07
Amended 07/03/07
Assembly Bill 495PT: Homeowners' Exemption: Qualified Renter Income Tax Credit: Senior CitizensSmythAmended 02/20/07
Assembly Bill 530PT: Taxation: Military HousingSalasAmended 04/10/07
Assembly Bill 793PT: Affordable Housing AssessmentsStricklandAmended 08/01/07
Amended 04/10/07
Assembly Bill 831Tax Expenditure Measures & ReportsParraAmended 06/01/07
Amended 04/17/07
Amended 03/26/07
Introduced 02/22/07
Assembly Bill 843PT: Change in Ownership ReportingEngEnrolled
Amended 07/16/07
Amended 07/05/07
Amended 05/17/07
Amended 02/22/07
Assembly Bill 968PT: Homeowners' Property Exemption: Renters' CreditWaltersAmended 02/22/07
Assembly Bill 972PT: Homeowners' Property Exemption: Renters' CreditWaltersAmended 02/22/07
Assembly Bill 1012PT: Oil & Gas Deposits: Property Tax AssessmentsCalderonAmended 01/07/08
Amended 04/10/07
Assembly Bill 1020PT: Redecoration: Change in OwnershipS. RunnerEnrolled
Amended 07/17/07
Introduced 02/22/07
Assembly Bill 1042PT: Application for Changed Assessments: Electronic FilingSpitzerEnrolled
Amended 02/22/07
Assembly Bill 1186PT: Private Railroad Car Tax Law: Ad Valorem Property TaxKarnetteAmended 04/10/07
Assembly Bill 1239PT: Exclusion From Newly Constructed: Fire Safety DevicesGarrickAmended 08/28/07
Amended 06/01/07
Amended 05/02/07
Assembly Bill 1451PT: Exclusion from Newly Constructed: Active Solar Energy SystemLeno, et alEnrolled
Amended 08/13/08
Amended 01/07/08
Amended 08/28/07
Amended 06/04/07
Assembly Bill 1485PT: Exemption: Principal Residence: Veterans & Their Unmarried Surviving SpousesJeffriesAmended 03/29/07
Assembly Bill 1600Taxation: State Agencies: Burden of ProofLa MalfaIntroduced 02/23/07
Assembly Bill 1759PT: Disaster ReliefDeVore & SpitzerAmended 06/19/08
Amended 05/19/08
Amended 02/14/08
Assembly Bill 2256PT: Homeowners Exemption $75,000DuvallIntroduced 02/21/08
Assembly Bill 2461PT: Split Roll: Revenue EstimateDavisAmended 02/21/08
Assembly Bill 2568PT: Exemption: Homes of Disabled Veterans & Surviving SpousesHoustonIntroduced 02/23/07
Assembly Bill 2579PT: Base Year Value TransfersNielloAmended 04/23/08
Introduced 02/22/08
Assembly Bill 2727Administration: Burden of ProofLaMalfaAmended 03/25/08
Assembly Bill 3035PT: Exemption: Supplemental AssessmentHuffmanAmended 08/27/08
Amended 08/27/08
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 13Caltrans Owned PropertyDeVoreAmended 02/07/08
Senate Bill 38PT: Homeowners' Exemption: Riverside County: Wild Fires October 2006BattinEnrolled
Amended 08/27/07
Introduced 12/11/06
Senate Bill 105PT/SUT: Taxation: Registered Domestic PartnersMigdenEnrolled
Amended 06/20/07
Senate Bill 111PT: Seismic Retrofitting: Tax AssessmentsAshburnEnrolled
Amended 04/17/07
Introduced 01/18/07
Senate Bill 114PT: Homeowners' Exemption: January 2007 FreezeFlorezEnrolled
Amended 07/03/07
Amended 03/07/07
Amended 02/20/07
Senate Bill 148PT: Freeze Damaged Trees: ExemptionHollingsworthAmended 06/20/07
Amended 05/24/07
Amended 03/06/07
Introduced 01/29/07
Senate Bill 153PT: Change in Ownership: ExclusionMigdenEnrolled
Amended 08/08/08
Amended 07/02/08
Amended 06/05/08
Senate Bill 559PT: Change in Ownership: ExclusionKehoeEnrolled
Amended 07/09/07
Amended 06/27/07
Amended 04/18/07
Senate Bill 955PT: Property Statement: PenaltyAckermanIntroduced 02/23/07
Senate Bill 984PT: Base Year Value TransfersAshburnIntroduced 02/23/07
Senate Bill 1045PT: Board SponsoredCommittee on Revenue & TaxationEnrolled
Amended 06/27/07
Introduced 03/14/07
Senate Bill 1064PT: Disaster ReliefHollingsworthAmended 07/01/08
Amended 05/22/08
Senate Bill 1233PT: Parent Child Exclusion: Administration FeeHarmanEnrolled
Amended 07/01/08
Amended 06/10/08
Introduced 06/05/08
Senate Bill 1284PT: Welfare Exemption: Low Income HousingLowenthalEnrolled
Amended 08/08/08
Amended 07/01/08
Amended 06/09/08
Introduced 02/19/08
Senate Bill 1495PT: Disabled Veterans: DisastersKehoeEnrolled
Introduced 02/21/08
Senate Bill 1562PT: Disaster Relief: AgricultureHollingsworth & DucheneyEnrolled
Amended 06/25/08
Amended 05/19/08
Introduced 02/22/08
Senate Bill 1569PT: New Construction Exclusion: Fire SafetyKehoeIntroduced 02/22/08
Senate Bill 1641BOE & FTB Reports with Electronic FormatOropezaEnrolled
Amended 06/24/08
Introduced 02/22/08
Senate Bill 1777PT: BOE Property Tax Omnibus BillCommittee on Revenue & TaxationEnrolled
Amended 04/23/08
Introduced 03/12/08
Senate Constitutional Amendment 4PT: New Construction Exclusion: Seismic RetrofittingAshburnIntroduced 01/18/07
Senate Constitutional Amendment 19PT: New Construction Exclusion: Fire SafetyKehoeAmended 02/21/08
Senate Constitutional Amendment 24PT: Base Year Value TransfersDuttonAmended 06/10/08
Introduced 04/01/08