All Legislative Analyses 2017-2018 Session

Bill analyses are prepared on legislation that would impact tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization.

To view bill text, from within the analysis, click the bill number, which links to the full bill text at

ADM = Administration
BT = Business Tax Bills
PT = Property Tax Bills
SPT = Special Taxes and Fees
SUT = Sales and Use Tax Bills

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Bill Number Title Author Analyses New?
Assembly Bill 1SPT: Fuel Tax IncreaseFrazierIntroduced 12/05/16
Assembly Bill 9SUT: Exemption: Feminine Hygiene ProductsC. GarciaIntroduced 12/05/16
Assembly Bill 288SPT: Fire Prevention FeeObernolteIntroduced 02/02/17
Assembly Bill 327SUT: Exclusion: Pawnbrokers: Vested PropertyGipsonSupport Letter
Amended 03/21/17
Introduced 02/07/17
Assembly Bill 433SUT: Claim for Refund: Customer RefundsBocanegraAmended 04/03/17
Introduced 02/13/17
Assembly Bill 465PT: Urban Agricultural Incentive ZoneTingAmended 04/06/17
Assembly Bill 509SPT: California Tire Regulatory FeeFrazierAmended 03/27/17
Introduced 02/13/17
Assembly Bill 525BT: Offer in CompromiseAguiar-CurrySupport Letter
Introduced 02/13/17
Assembly Bill 561SUT: Exemption: First Responder Vehicles & EquipmentVoepelIntroduced 02/14/17
Assembly Bill 600SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing & Electric PowerCooper, et al.Amended 04/03/17
Assembly Bill 653PT: Exemption: Tribal LandRidley-ThomasAmended 03/21/17
Assembly Bill 652PT: New ConstructionFloraAmended 04/03/17
Assembly Bill 795SUT: Free Tax Filing & Reporting Act of 2017GipsonAmended 03/27/17
Assembly Bill 805SUT: TUT: San Diego County: Public Transit AgenciesGonzalez FletcherAmended 03/23/17
Assembly Bill 948BT: Electronic Fund Transfer ExceptionBontaAmended 03/29/17
Assembly Bill 960SUT: Exemption: College Text BooksBroughIntroduced 02/16/17
Assembly Bill 963Marijuana Tax EnforcementGipsonAmended 04/05/17
Introduced 02/16/17
Assembly Bill 1072SUT: Consumer: Garment AlterationsBroughAmended 04/17/17
Amended 03/21/17
Assembly Bill 1081SUT: Exclusion: Zero-Emission Vehicles: Trade-InBurkeAmended 03/30/17
Assembly Bill 1100PT: Homeowners ExemptionChen & HarperIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1130BT: Heavy Equipment Rentals: Property Tax ReimbursementBocanegraIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1165PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Disabled ChildGloriaAmended 03/20/17
Assembly Bill 1180SPT: CA Tire Fee: Rate IncreaseHoldenIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1189SUT: Transactions & Use Tax: Riverside County Transportation CommissionE. GarciaAmended 03/16/17
Assembly Bill 1193PT: Low Income Housing: Over-Income TenantsGloriaIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1249PT: Veterans' ExemptionGrayIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1322PT: Base Year Value: Transfers: IntercountyBocanegraIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1341SUT: Exemption: Clean Air Vehicles: Low Income PurchasersCalderonAmended 03/29/17
Introduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1374SPT: Biodiesel DefinitionSalasIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1410SPT: Cultivation Tax: Distributor CollectionWoodAmended 04/04/17
Introduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1499SUT: State-Designated Fairs: Segregate Gross ReceiptsGrayIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1512SPT: Opioid Excise TaxMcCartyAmended 04/17/17
Amended 03/28/17
Assembly Bill 1566SUT: Tax: OffsetsIrwinIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1593SUT: Use Tax: Personal Income Tax Return RequirementRidley-ThomasIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Bill 1663SPT: Lead-Acid Battery FeesC. GarciaAmended 04/13/17
Assembly Bill 1716SUT: Manufacturing & Research Exemption ExtendedCommittee on JobsAmended 04/17/17
Assembly Bill 1717SUT: Use Tax: Acceptable FTB ReturnCommittee on Revenue & TaxationIntroduced 03/16/17
Assembly Bill 1718PT: Mining PropertiesAR&TIntroduced 03/16/17
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Disabled ChildGloriaIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 7PT: Base Year Value Transfers: IntercountyBocanegraIntroduced 02/17/17
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 12PT: Base Year Value Transfer: Disabled ChildGloriaAmended 04/04/17
Senate Bill 1SPT: Fuel Tax IncreaseBeallIntroduced 12/05/16
Senate Bill 9SPT: Fire Prevention FeeGainesIntroduced 12/05/16
Senate Bill 11BT: Penalty & Interest: BOE Website FailureGainesSupport Letter
As Proposed
Senate Bill 13SUT: Manufacturing & Software PublishingGainesSupport Letter
Introduced 12/05/16
Senate Bill 79SUT: Exemption: Used Electric VehiclesAllenAmended 03/09/17
Senate Bill 148BT: Cannabis-Related Businesses: Cash CollectionWiener & AtkinsAmended 04/05/17
Amended 03/23/17
Introduced 01/17/17
Senate Bill 197SUT: Exemption: Military Facilities ConstructionBates, et al.Amended 03/20/17
Senate Bill 246PT: Base Year Value Transfers: PriorDisability BenefitBatesIntroduced 02/06/17
Senate Bill 275PT: SR 710 Affordable Sales ProgramPortantinoIntroduced 02/07/17
Senate Bill 404PT: Disabled Veterans & Senior VeteransStoneAmended 04/18/17
Amended 04/18/17
Senate Bill 447PT: Multi County Boards of AppealsNielsenIntroduced 02/15/17
Senate Bill 558PT: New Construction Exclusion: Rain Water Capture SystemsGlazerIntroduced 02/16/17
Senate Bill 600SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing & Electric PowerGalgiani, et al.Amended 04/03/17
Senate Bill 639PT: Assessment Jurisdiction: Nonconventional Electric Generation FacilitiesHertzbergIntroduced 03/23/17
Senate Constitutional Amendment 9PT: New Construction Exclusion: Rain Water Capture SystemsGlazerIntroduced 02/16/17

ADM = Administration
BT = Business Tax Bills
PT = Property Tax Bills
SPT = Special Taxes and Fees
SUT = Sales and Use Tax Bills

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