All Legislative Analyses 2009-2010 Session

Bill analyses are prepared on legislation that would impact tax programs administered by the Board of Equalization.

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PROPOSITION 19 The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010" November 2, 2010 General Election Ballot

ADM = Administration
PT = Property Tax Bills
SPT = Special Taxes and Fees
SUT = Sales and Use Tax Bills

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Bill Number Title Author Analyses New?
Assembly Bill 15PT: Disaster Relief: Los AngelesFuentesAmended 09/02/09
Amended 05/21/09
Amended 04/13/09
Amended 02/26/09
Assembly Bill 50PT: Disaster Relief: Santa BarbaraNavaAmended 08/20/10
Amended 09/01/09
Amended 06/24/09
Amended 06/01/09
Amended 04/13/09
Amended 03/23/09
Assembly Bill 79PT: Disaster Relief: Orange & RiversideDuvallAmended 05/21/09
Amended 04/13/09
Amended 02/18/09
Assembly Bill 89SPT: Cigarette Tax IncreaseTorlaksonIntroduced 01/05/09 
Assembly Bill 103PT: Co Tenant Change In Ownership ExclusionDe LeonAmended 04/22/09
Introduced 01/08/09
Assembly Bill 129SUT: Confidentiality: Tax-Practitioner-Client CommunicationsMaChapter 411
Amended 05/04/09
Introduced 01/16/09
Assembly Bill 150SUT: Exemptions: Energy Efficient ProductsSmythAmended 05/04/09
Introduced 01/22/09
Assembly Bill 151ADM: BOE Headquarters Building: Authorization for DGSJones and RunnerVetoed
Amended 08/20/10
Amended 08/02/10
Amended 01/26/10
Amended 09/10/09
Assembly Bill 157PT: Disaster Relief: Base Year Value TransfersAndersonChapter 341
Amended 08/17/10
Amended 06/22/10
Amended 05/20/09
Amended 03/24/09
Assembly Bill 178SUT: Retailers Engaged In Business In This StateSkinner & CalderonIntroduced 02/02/09
Assembly Bill 230PT: Change In Ownership: TrustsCalderonAmended 01/04/10 
Assembly Bill 234SPT: Oil Spill Prevention & AdministrationHuffmanVetoed
Amended 08/09/10
Amended 07/15/10
Assembly Bill 274SPT: Solid Waste Postclosure FeePortantinoChapter 318
Amended 07/09/09
Assembly Bill 308PT: State Assesse Revenue Allocation: Mountain View Power PlantCookChapter 433 
Assembly Bill 311PT: Commercial Air CarriersMaVetoed
Amended 05/04/09
Introduced 02/17/09
Assembly Bill 321PT: Base Year Value TransfersNielloIntroduced 02/18/09
Assembly Bill 347SUT: 25% Penalty For Withholding RecordsBlockIntroduced 02/19/09 
Assembly Bill 384PT: Commercial Air CarriersMaChapter 228
Amended 05/05/10
Amended 01/04/10
Assembly Bill 390SPT: Marijuana FeeAmmianoRevised Revenue Estimate Narrative
Introduced 02/23/09
Assembly Bill 469SUT: Use Tax: Mandatory Reporting: State Income Tax ReturnEngVetoed
Amended 08/17/09
Amended 04/02/09
Introduced 02/24/09
Assembly Bill 479SPT: Integrated Waste Management Fee IncreaseChesbroAmended 07/01/09
Amended 04/22/09
Introduced 02/24/09
Assembly Bill 546SUT: Manufacturing Equipment Exemption: Solar PanelsKnightIntroduced 02/25/09 
Assembly Bill 592ADM: Department of Motor Vehicles: Confidential Home Address: BOE Investigators.LowenthalIntroduced 02/25/09 
Assembly Bill 656SPT: Oil & Gas Severance Tax: ReportTorricoAmended 04/22/10
Amended 01/25/10
Amended 01/14/10
Amended 01/04/10
Assembly Bill 659SUT: Garment Cleaning EstablishmentsHayashiVetoed
Amended 07/15/09
Amended 05/11/09
Introduced 02/25/09
Assembly Bill 676 SUT: Destination Management CompanyJeffriesAmended 05/21/09
Introduced 02/25/09
Assembly Bill 689SPT: Tobacco Products: DefinitionCalderonAmended 04/23/09
Introduced 02/26/09
Assembly Bill 693Daily Interest: One Day LateSilvaIntroduced 02/26/09 
Assembly Bill 700SUT: Art FundingKrekorian, et al.Amended 03/26/09
Introduced 02/26/09
Assembly Bill 711SUT: Qualified Purchasers: Registration RequirementCalderonAmended 06/01/09
Amended 04/14/09
Assembly Bill 810SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing & Software PublishingCaballeroAmended 01/13/10
Assembly Bill 824PT: Assessment Appeal Panels: Conflict of Interest AppealsHarkeyChapter 477
Amended 04/29/09
Introduced 02/26/09
Assembly Bill 829SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing EquipmentCaballeroAmended 04/14/09
Assembly Bill 847SPT: Adult Entertainment FeeSalasAmended 06/23/09
Assembly Bill 852PT: Mandatory E-FilingFongVetoed
Amended 07/14/09
Amended 05/04/09
Introduced 02/26/09
Assembly Bill 912SPT: Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge: Cap IncreaseTorresIntroduced 02/26/09 
Assembly Bill 922SPT: Diesel Fuel Tax Exemption: Bio-Mass Based Diesel FuelMillerIntroduced 02/26/09
Assembly Bill 923ADM: Department of Motor Vehicles: Confidential Home Address: Board MembersSwansonAmended 04/13/09
Introduced 02/26/09
Assembly Bill 978SUT: Transactions and Use Taxes: Counties: Economic DevelopmentPerez, V ManuelIntroduced 02/26/09
Assembly Bill 1004SPT: Solid Waste Postclosure Fee: Delayed ImplementationPortantinoChapter 417
Amended 07/15/10
Amended 01/20/10
Assembly Bill 1028SUT: Exemption: Qualified Renewable Energy SystemsBlumenfieldAmended 05/21/09
Amended 04/16/09
Assembly Bill 1087SUT: Transportation ChargesMaVetoed
Amended 06/01/09
Amended 03/31/09
Assembly Bill 1111SUT: CA Alternative Energy & Advanced Transportation Financing AuthorityBlakesleeAmended 05/13/09
Assembly Bill 1178PT: Possessory Interest: Low-Income HousingTorresAmended 06/16/10 
Assembly Bill 1178SUT: Exemption: College Textbooks and SuppliesBlockAmended 01/25/10
Amended 01/13/10
Amended 01/06/10
Assembly Bill 1188SPT: Underground Storage Tank Fee IncreaseRuskinChapter 649
Amended 09/02/09
Assembly Bill 1215ADM: BOE: Furlough ExemptionDe La TorreAmended 08/17/10
Amended 07/15/10
Assembly Bill 1265SUT: Qualified Disabled Itinerant Veterans as ConsumersMaAmended 06/01/09
Introduced 02/27/09
Assembly Bill 1304SUT: Exemption: Electronic VehiclesSaldanaAmended 05/14/09
Assembly Bill 1332PT: Possessory Interest: Military HousingSalasAmended 05/14/09
Introduced 02/27/09
Assembly Bill 1341PT: Possessory Interest: Long Beach CourthouseLowenthalChapter 442
Amended 08/02/10
Amended 06/28/10
Assembly Bill 1341PT: Exemption: Disabled VeteransSaldanaIntroduced 04/02/09
Assembly Bill 1344PT: Possessory Interest: Military HousingFletcherAmended 05/05/09
Assembly Bill 1387Tax Administration: Burden of ProofTranIntroduced 02/27/09 
Assembly Bill 1422SPT: Insurance Tax: Medi-Cal ProvidersBassChapter 157 
Assembly Bill 1474SUT: Exemption: Mobilehomes: 1% Rate IncreaseCookAmended 04/02/09
Assembly Bill 1486SUT: Nonprofit Organizations: Consumers: Promotional ItemsFurutaniChapter 538
Amended 07/14/09
Amended 05/21/09
Amended 04/14/09
Assembly Bill 1506Registered WarrantsAndersonVetoed
Amended 03/17/10
Amended 08/31/09
Amended 07/01/09
Assembly Bill 1523SUT: Exemption: Fixed Price ContractsCalderonAmended 05/05/09
Introduced 02/27/09
Assembly Bill 1547Board-Sponsored Business Taxes Omnibus MeasureCommittee on Revenue and TaxationChapter 545
Amended 08/17/09
Introduced 03/05/09
Assembly Bill 1568PT: Disaster Relief: Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and VenturaSalasChapter 299 
Assembly Bill 1585ADM: Report Requirements: RepealCommittee on Accountability and Administrative ReviewChapter 7 
Assembly Bill 1604SPT: Oil Severance TaxNavaAmended 02/17/10 
Assembly Bill 1612SUT: In Home Support ServicesBudget CommitteeChapter 725 
Assembly Bill 1618SUT: Use Tax Line
Collection Cost Recovery Fee
Budget CommitteeAmended 10/06/10 
Assembly Bill 1662PT: Disaster Relief: Windstorms and WildfiresPortantino & JeffriesChapter 447
Amended 08/20/10
Amended 08/17/10
Amended 04/07/10
Introduced 01/19/10
Assembly Bill 1687SUT: Destination Management CompanyJeffriesAmended 04/20/10
Introduced 01/26/10
Assembly Bill 1690PT: Disaster Relief: Humboldt County EarthquakeChesbroChapter 449
Introduced 01/27/10
Assembly Bill 1694SPT: Alcohol Mitigation FeeBeallAmended 03/08/10 
Assembly Bill 1700SUT: 1% Rate DecreaseGainesIntroduced 02/01/10 
Assembly Bill 1719SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing Equipment: New Trades or BusinessesHarkeyAmended 02/22/10 
Assembly Bill 1766PT: Disaster Relief: Placer County FireGainesAmended 08/17/10
Amended 04/15/10
Assembly Bill 1777SUT: Sales Tax Shift for ArtsPortantino, et alAmended 04/05/10
Introduced 02/09/10
Assembly Bill 1782PT: Disaster Relief: General Purpose ProvisionsHarkeyAmended 03/25/10 
Assembly Bill 1812SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing EquipmentSilvaIntroduced 02/11/10 
Assembly Bill 1945PT: Possessory Interest: Military HousingFletcherAmended 04/05/10 
Assembly Bill 1948PT: Disabled Veterans ExemptionKnightIntroduced 02/17/10 
Assembly Bill 1981SPT: Vehicle Tire FeeHillAmended 04/27/10
Amended 04/12/10
Assembly Bill 2008ADM: BOE Furlough ExemptionArambulaVetoed
Amended 05/28/10
Assembly Bill 2060SUT: Fixed Price ContractsCalderonVetoed
Amended 07/15/10
Amended 05/18/10
Introduced 02/18/10
Assembly Bill 2078SUT: Information Reporting and Notice RequirementsCalderonAmended 06/24/10
Amended 04/27/10
Amended 04/05/10
Assembly Bill 2100SPT: Sweetened Beverage TaxCotoAmended 03/25/10 
Assembly Bill 2136PT: Disaster Relief: Imperial County EarthquakeV. Manuel Perez Chapter 461
Amended 08/17/10
Amended 05/13/10
Assembly Bill 2195Tax Administration: Burden of ProofSilvaChapter 168
Amended 04/21/10
Introduced 02/18/10
Assembly Bill 2280SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing EquipmentMillerIntroduced 02/18/10 
Assembly Bill 2314PT: Disabled Veterans ExemptionBlock & KnightChapter 150
Introduced 02/19/10
Assembly Bill 2332SUT: Suspension of Contractor's LicenseEngVetoed
Introduced 02/19/10
Assembly Bill 2362PT: New Construction Exclusion: Seismic SafetySkinner & BlakesleeAmended 05/18/10
Amended 04/20/10
Amended 04/13/10
Assembly Bill 2375SUT: Interest Relief: Extraordinary CircumstancesKnightAmended 04/29/10
Amended 04/21/10
Introduced 02/19/10
Assembly Bill 2433Use of EDD InformationRuskinChapter 139
Introduced 02/19/10
Assembly Bill 2492PT: Change in OwnershipAmmianoAmended 05/03/10
Assembly Bill 2496SPT: Tobacco Directory LawNavaChapter 265
Amended 08/18/10
Amended 07/15/10
Amended 05/20/10
Amended 04/14/10
Introduced 02/19/10
Assembly Bill 2556SUT: Interest: United States CustomsFullerAmended 04/15/10
Amended 04/05/10
Assembly Bill 2611SPT: eWaste Fee: Screen SizeMaAmended 04/08/10 
Assembly Bill 2676Board Sponsored Business Taxes Omnibus MeasureMaVetoed
Amended 04/27/10
Amended 04/06/10
Assembly Bill 2733SPT: Cigarette Retailers: Suspended or Revoked LicenseRuskinChapter 607
Amended 08/18/10
Amended 07/15/10
Amended 05/12/10
Introduced 02/19/10
Assembly Bill 2788SUT: Exemption: Trailers, Trucks, and Dollies Manufactured outside the StatePortantinoAmended 07/15/10
Amended 06/16/10
Assembly Bill 2788SPT: Board Sponsored: Technical: Agency Name ChangesCommittee on Revenue and TaxationAmended 05/13/10
Assembly Bill x3 3SUT: 1% Rate Increase
SPT: Fuel Tax Rate Increase
EvansChapter 18 
Assembly Bill x3 15SUT: Taxes: Credits: Qualified Motion Picture ProductionSilvaChapter 10 
Assembly Bill x3 40SPT: Fuel User FeeEvansAmended 06/28/09
Assembly Bill x3 41SPT: State Responsibility Area Fire FeeEvansAmended 06/28/09 
Assembly Bill x3 46SUT: Board Administrative Costs: Cost-Allocation MethodologyEvansAmended 06/28/09
Assembly Bill x4 12SUT: Board Administrative Costs: Cost-Allocation MethodologyEvansChapter 12
Assembly Bill x4 18SUT: Use Tax RegistrationCommittee on BudgetChapter 16 
Assembly Bill x4 31SUT: Exemption: Auto Manufacturing EquipmentTorrico,et al.Introduced 07/15/09 
Assembly Bill x6 11PT: Disaster Relief: San Bruno ExplosionHillChapter 2 
Assembly Bill x8 31PT: Disaster Relief: Los AngelesPortantino & JeffriesIntroduced 01/19/10 
Assembly Bill x8 41SPT: Oil Severance TaxNavaIntroduced 02/16/10 
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 9SUT: Local Governmental Taxation: Special Taxes: Voter ApprovalHuffmanAmended 04/27/09
Assembly Constitutional Amendment 25California Tax CommissionDeVoreIntroduced 06/22/09
Senate Bill 25SPT: Integrated Waste Management Fee: Fixed RatePadillaAmended 06/21/09
Amended 05/28/09
Senate Bill 27SUT: Local Agencies: Bradley-Burns Local Sales and Use TaxesHancockChapter 4
Introduced 12/02/08
Senate Bill 71SUT: CA Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing AuthorityPadilla, et al.Chapter 10 
Senate Bill 107SUT: Mandatory Tips: Non-Profit OrganizationsWaltersIntroduced 01/27/09
Senate Bill 138SUT: Graffiti Prevention Tax IncreaseLiuAmended 07/15/09
Amended 04/28/09
Senate Bill 229SPT: Bay-Delta Water FeePavleyAmended 06/01/09
Introduced 02/23/09
Senate Bill 231SPT: Generator Fee: Fee StructureLowenthalAmended 06/22/10
Amended 04/20/09
Senate Bill 274PT: Base Year Value TransfersDuttonIntroduced 02/24/09 
Senate Bill 338SUT: CA Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing AuthorityAlquistAmended 04/15/09
Senate Bill 341SPT: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer FeeDeSaulnierAmended 05/06/09
Amended 03/31/09
Introduced 02/25/09
Senate Bill 356ADM: Administrative Procedures Act: Small Business Impact StatementWright, et alAmended 06/22/10 
Senate Bill 400SPT: Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act: Tobacco ProductsCorbettAmended 06/23/09
Senate Bill 534PT: Wind Turbines & Geothermal Heat PumpsStricklandIntroduced 02/27/09 
Senate Bill 600SPT: Cigarette Tax IncreasePadillaAmended 06/09/09
Amended 04/13/09
Introduced 02/27/09
Senate Bill 601SPT: Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act: RestrictionsPadillaAmended 05/18/09
Introduced 02/27/09
Senate Bill 602SPT: Cigarette and Tobacco Products: Licensing Act: LicensesPadillaAmended 07/01/09
Amended 05/28/09
Amended 05/18/09
Introduced 02/27/09
Senate Bill 603SPT: Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act: Annual Retailer FeePadillaAmended 07/01/09
Amended 06/01/09
Amended 05/18/09
Introduced 02/27/09
Senate Bill 730SPT: Integrated Waste Management Fee: Out of State DisopsalWigginsIntroduced 05/06/09
Senate Bill 765SUT: Thrift Store Sales: Navy-Marine Corps Relief SocietyDuttonChapter 615
Amended 06/29/09
Introduced 02/27/09
Senate Bill 809SUT: Qualified Veterans: Itinerant Vendors: ConsumersVeterans Affairs CommitteeChapter 621
Amended 07/15/09
Amended 04/23/09
Senate Bill 816PT: Change In Ownership Reporting: Legal EntityDuchenyChapter 622
Amended 06/26/09
Amended 04/28/09
Senate Bill 822PT: California Assessors Association Omnibus BillCommittee on Revenue and TaxationChapter 204
Amended 06/23/09
Introduced 03/10/09
Senate Bill 824PT: Board Sponsored Provisions: Property Tax & Board Meeting LocationsCommittee on Revenue and TaxationChapter 67
Introduced 03/10/09
Senate Bill 832SUT: California Pollution Control Financing AuthorityCommittee on Environmental QualityAmended 07/13/09 
Senate Bill 858SUT: Use Tax Line
Collection Cost Recovery Fee
Budget and Fiscal Review CommitteeChapter 721
Amended 10/07/10
Senate Bill 884SUT: Qualified Purchaser: Due Dates & ExtensionAshburnAmended 07/15/10 
Senate Bill 884SUT: Qualified Purchaser: Extension to File and Waiver of PenaltyAshburn & RunnerAmended 06/16/10
Amended 04/22/10
Senate Bill 952SUT: 1% Rate DecreaseWylandIntroduced 02/04/10 
Senate Bill 974SUT: Career Pathways Investment CreditSteinberg, et al.Amended 05/03/10
Amended 04/05/10
Senate Bill 996PT: Low Income HousingLowenthalAmended 05/12/10
Amended 03/25/10
Senate Bill 1028Interest: One Day LateCorreaChapter 316
Amended 08/02/10
Introduced 02/12/10
Senate Bill 1053SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing EquipmentRunnerIntroduced 02/16/10 
Senate Bill 1071SPT: Drug Manufacturer FeeDeSaulnierAmended 03/24/10 
Senate Bill 1107SPT: Interceptor & Trap Grease FeeKehoeAmended 04/26/10 
Senate Bill 1109SPT: CA Children and Families First Act of 1998: Determination of ConsumptionCoxIntroduced 02/10/10 
Senate Bill 1113ADM: FTB: Tax AppealsWolkAmended 04/05/10 
Senate Bill 1133Governmental Reorganization: Tax FunctionsRunnerIntroduced 02/18/10  
Senate Bill 1210SPT: Sweetened Beverage TaxFlorezAmended 05/05/10
Amended 04/14/10
Senate Bill 1239SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing EquipmentWylandAmended 03/25/10 
Senate Bill 1250PT: Possessory Interest: Military HousingDuchenyChapter 327
Amended 08/09/10
Amended 06/02/10
Introduced 02/19/10
Senate Bill 1277SPT: Pet Food TaxFlorezAmended 04/13/10
Introduced 02/19/10
Senate Bill 1306Private Collection Agency ContractsRunnerIntroduced 02/19/10 
Senate Bill 1373SUT: Retailer: Paving Construction ContractorLenoAmended 06/02/10
Introduced 02/19/10
Senate Bill 1430PT: Homeowners' Exemption: Increase: SeniorsWaltersAmended 03/24/10 
Senate Bill 1493PT: California Assessors Association Omnibus BillCommittee on Revenue and TaxationChapter 185
Amended 06/21/10
Amended 03/15/10
Senate Bill 1494PT: BOE-Sponsored Omnibus ProvisionsCommittee on Revenue and TaxationChapter 654
Amended 08/16/10
Amended 06/21/10
Introduced 03/15/10
Senate Bill 1495Use of EDD InformationCommittee on Labor and Industrial RelationsIntroduced 04/07/10 
Senate Bill x3 15SUT: Taxes: Credits: Qualified Motion Picture ProductionCalderon & FlorezChapter 17 
Senate Bill x3 17SUT: Retailer Engaged In Business In This State: Registration of Non-RetailersDuchenyAmended 06/28/09 
Senate Bill x4 12SUT: Board Administrative Costs: Cost-Allocation MethodologyDuchenyAmended 07/23/09
Senate Bill x4 16Collection Fee
Discharge Threshold on Accounts Receivable
DuchenyChapter 23
Senate Bill x6 5SUT: Exclusion: Vehicle Trade-InsHollingsworthIntroduced 02/24/10 
Senate Bill x6 8SUT: Exemption: Manufacturing EquipmentDuttonIntroduced 02/24/10 
Senate Bill x6 21PT: Disaster Relief: San MateoYeeIntroduced 09/21/10 
Senate Bill x8 29ADM: BOE Furlough ExemptionSteinberg, et alVetoed
Introduced 02/05/10
Senate Bill x8 41SPT: CA Children and Families First Act of 1998: Determination of ConsumptionCoxIntroduced 02/10/10 
Senate Constitutional Amendment 11PT: Base Year Value TransfersDuttonIntroduced 02/24/09
Senate Constitutional Amendment 13PT: Wind Turbines & Geothermal Heat PumpsStricklandIntroduced 02/27/09 

ADM = Administration
PT = Property Tax Bills
SPT = Special Taxes and Fees
SUT = Sales and Use Tax Bills

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